Want More Income From Your Assets?
At Jim Beam Financial, we learn what is important to you and help you identify your goals. Then, we work closely with you to help you attain those goals. We analyze your current financial situation, make suggestions about how to achieve your objectives, and help you implement the recommended strategies. This way, we can help you make sure that as life unfolds, you remain on track for financial success.
Have you ever wondered?
  • Mortgages - Is a 15 year mortgage really better?
  • 401(k)s - Are they really an effective wealth-building tool?
  • Car loans - Is there really such as thing as "0 percent financing?"
  • Whole life insurance - Does it really have "terrible rates of return"?
  • Opportunity costs - How can you measure them when purchasing cars or financing college expenses?
  • Stocks - What's the difference between "average" and "actual" rates of return?
  • Debt, fees and taxes - How can costs rob you of reaching your wealth potential? 
  • Investment Real Estate - Can you make your returns even better by leveraging your own collateral? 
  • Banks - How do they really make their profits, and how can we learn from their example?
Lessons of The Big Short
The Value of Liquidity
Winning the Long Game of Wealth
Taming Lifestyle Inflation
Wall Street Hopes You Never Ask
How to Live Long and Prosper
What is Prosperity Economics
The Health & Wealth Connection

Jim is a consummate professional.

In all my interactions with him, he has been amiable, knowledgeable, and patient. I can't tell you how many times our meetings went well beyond the scheduled time because I kept peppering him with questions, and he kept coming up with great answers. He shows you the numbers and allows you the freedom to respond without feeling pressured. In my experience Jim and his team are trustworthy and knowledgeable. I have been pleased with how he has helped my family feel more secure about our financial future. I highly recommend Jim without reservations.
Sky W.

I want to recommend you get to know Jim Beam...

For those of you who feel like you work really hard, pay your bills, and get to keep what's left over... and there never seems to be enough left over. I want to recommend you get to know Jim Beam, the managing principal of Jim Beam Financial. I am Matthew Pillmore the President of VIP Financial Education and have got to know Jim and his strategies over the years. His strategies encompass a famous quote that "...it doesn't matter how much money you make, its how much you keep, how hard it works for you, and for how many generations you get to keep it." I have studied Jim's techniques and can say, he will show you how to keep more of your hard earned money, get it working for you in more than one place, and give you the confidence to know that the decisions you are making financially are sound, true and will get you to your desired goals. If you have heard Jim speak take advantage of his free coaching session. I am sure you will be impressed with how he can improve your financial position regardless of where you are.
Matthew Pillmore

Great Experience!!!! 5 STARS

I have had the distinct privilege of meeting with Jim and discussing my thoughts and plans for my financial future. He is and has always been a great pleasure to meet with and is a very knowledgeable individual and not cold and intimidating like other financial planners I've met with in the past. I highly recommend Jim for all of your financial needs and questions.
Mark T. Naples Florida

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Experienced

I contacted Jim Beam with a specific need. He set me up with the account type I needed, and helped me develop a financial plan to suit my personal situation. He also meets with me yearly to review and help me revise the plan where needed. I have been happy with the outcome so far, as this is a lifetime journey, and Jim Beam's experience and knowledge have helped me get started and continue on the road to financial success for my retirement.
Jennifer T.

A Long Term Guide

One of the many things I appreciate about Jim is how well he listens. Every time we discuss my current position and goals, I don't get a scripted, sales oriented response. He wants to connect me with the best ideas, approaches and products, even if they are farther down my timeline.
Lance S.

Jim Beam: A Pleasure to Work With

Jim is knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. He is a great source for sound financial advice and brings an objective point of view to financial planning.
Richard T.